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“This service is exclusively for the use of persons that have lived in Canada and are currently living abroad”

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Get your Certified Criminal Record Check from Canada without any hassle.
Fingerprints Plus has developed a safe, convenient and fast process to provide RCMP criminal Record Verification by offering our Card Scan services to persons, who are living abroad and have previously lived in Canada. 

Fingerprints Plus Inc is an "Direct to RTID-RCMP Agencies", that are accredited to submit fingerprints digitally to RCMP. We are not an affiliate. We have delpoyed high standard network and security standards in our organisation. 

Our simple process includes following steps:

 Step 1: Applicant registers on our website and completed on line data form

Step 2; Fingerprints Plus reviews the application and ensures that correct application was chosen based on the intended use of the  certificate (mostly on same day or within 24 hours). And sends prefilled forms with instructions. 

Step 3: Appl;icant downloads the forms and takes them to a local approve fingerprintingh agency or a notary public and performs fingerprints. 

Step 4: Applicant uploads processed forms for review. This saves you time and money as it mostly avoids erronous forms or bad qual;ity fingerprints being sent. 

Step 5. Fingerprints PLus reviews the forms and upon satisfactory quality status of the docum,ents requests that a payment be made. Payment amount and link is provided. 

Step 6. After the payment has been made, a letter letter of confirmation is sent to the applicant for shipping of the documents. 

Step 7. Fingerprints Plus processes the documents upon arrival, mostly same day or within 24 hours and send processing confirmation from RCMP on the same day. 

Step 8. RCMP send the certificate by regual mail to the address provided for delivery of the docuent. This can be one of the following:

a: Applicant's home addrtess or another mailing address or
b. Fingerprints Plus
c. A third party addrtess provided by the applicant. 

Please note that if Fingerprints Plus was chosen as the recepient of the certificate, we will scan the certificate on the day it arrives and send you a PDF copyl by email and send the original by registerd mail. An Extra cost of $40 applies for processing and registered post.

Current Fee schedule: 

Curent Fee: $121.00 CDN per application
RCMP Fee (Where apploicable): $25.00 

Please note that the Fingerprints Plus wastes no time by causing processing delays and at the same ensures that no documents are sent to us that are inaccurate/incomplete and/or poor quality fingerprints. Our process is safe and we encourage that emails are not used to send sensitive information. 

Fingerprints Plus destroys all originals after 60 days of receiving your documents. We are committed to providing you a service that you would expect if you were here.

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