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“This service is exclusively for the use of persons that have lived in Canada and are currently living abroad”

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Get your Certified Criminal Record Check from Canada without any hassle.

For persons that have lived in Canada and are currently living abroad, obtaining a RCMP Certified criminal record check from Canada, or RCMP Police Certificate from Canada could become incredibly challenging and time-consuming exercise. We at Fingerprints Plus have attempted to provide an online process that’s safe, efficient and endeavors to minimize delays, costs that are caused by errors and omissions in the processing.

Please note that as of July 2014, Ink Roll Fingerprints (Paper submissions) are no longer accepted by RCMP. They must be converted into digital images by an accredited RCMP fingerprinting company such as Fingerprints Plus and submitted online to RCMP. We have been in this business since 2003 and have served persons living abroad with distinction. Our former applicants include persons living in Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Middle East, Europe, Latin America, Korea, Latin America, Caribbean, and USA to name a few.  

The simplified online process is designed to:

  1. Ensure that errors are eliminated in selecting application type.
  2. Ensure that fingerprints that are submitted are of good quality and all relevant data required was entered by the local police as well as the applicant.
  3. The recipient of the certificate was wisely choosing.
  4. Fingerprints Plus performs all processing within 24 hours of receiving any data or inquiry.
The simplified process (brief)

Following are the steps involved in this process (brief listing)
  1. Applicant registration and profile entry including application type and result recipient information.
  2. Review by Fingerprints
  3. Download of forms and instructions by applicant
  4. Fingerprinting and upload of PDF copies of fingerprints by applicant
  5. Review, payment instruction by Fingerprints Plus
  6. Payment and courier by the applicant
  7. Processing by Fingerprints Plus
  8. Issuance of the RCMP certificate by RCMP. 
 Process is designed to eliminate/reduce the opportunities for errors and/or omissions thereby reduction of costs and delays 

Should you wish to know the process in detail, please read thru the following or proceed to the registration and/or login to your profile.

The simplified process (detailed): 

  1. Applicant completes the following:
  2. Register and verify your email
  3. Log into your profile and enter your personal data. Please note that you are entering information that is required by RCMP.
  4. Provide the reason for seeking the RCMP Criminal Record check… e.g. Work visa for Australia, Green Card application/Visa for USA, Immigration to Canada etc.
  5. Select your application type… (Please note that we will review this as per information provided in #3 above and edit if required.
  6. Select who is the recipient of the results/certificate. You will have 3 options to choose from.

a.      Individual (The results are returned to your address provided in your profile)

b.      Fingerprints Plus (RCMP sends results to us and we scan and send you a copy on the same day. We then register mail the original and provide you the tracking number)

c.       Third party (RCMP send the results to a different address other than provided by you in the profile and a different recipient is advised by you).

Please take a note only the applicant and/or recipient can make inquiries to RCMP of any delays and/or errors in the certificate if needed due to privacy/confidentiality reason.

Fingerprints Plus performs following process:
  1. Reviews the application within 24 hours
  2. Ensures that no required data is missing and ensures that application type is correct.
  3. Accepts the application in consultation with the applicant if needed.
  4. Next Process is with the applicant.

 Applicant performs following tasks:

  1. Downloads all forms and instructions
  2. Read instructions thoroughly.
  3. Make an appointment with local fingerprinting agency/police and inquire about document requirements such as ID etc.
  4. Please note that treating your fingertips with moisturizer and light massaging for few days will improve the quality of the fingerprints. However, prior to the fingerprints the fingers must not have heavy moisturizer on them. If you know and have a history of hard to do fingerprints, this will likely help.
  5. Make sure that all signatures are done, and date of fingerprints is also entered. Please also note down the name of the police officer.  
  6. Please upload a high definition pdf copy of the fingerprint forms for pre courier review.
  7. Please note that some police services and from our experience in Australia, will require that they will send the completed forms directly to us. If so, the review process is eliminated, and you will provide them an addressed envelope as per our instructions.

 Review by Fingerprints Plus

Whether there was online submission or originals sent by the police directly, we will perform following functions:

  1. Check completed form for quality of fingerprints
  2. Check completed form for completeness of data such as signatures, date fingerprinted and name of the officer who took the fingerprints and location.
  3. Accept the submission and take corrective actions if needed.
  4. Request the applicant to make the payment and send a link.
  5. The payment triggers a courier advice to the processing facility.
  6. The originals are forwarded to the processing facility by the applicant or Fingerprints Plus as the case may be.

 Digital Conversion and submission to RCMP:

  1. The processing facility on receiving the documents completes its submission with 24 hours.
  2. Unless there are quality and/or missing documents, submission’s successful processing is confirmed within 24 hours and we provide the document control number to the applicant within a day. This number is needed if an inquiry needs to be made for delays etc.
  3. RCMP sends the certificate to the designated recipient by regular mail.
  4. If Fingerprints Plus was the recipient of the certificate, we will scan a PDF copy and send you on the same day we receive it followed up by a tracking number of the registered mail of the originals.

Fingerprints Plus destroys all originals after 30 days of receiving your documents. We are committed to providing you a service that you would expect if you were here. 

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