Employee Criminal Background Check:

Due to work place complexity and the ever increasing identification fraud, more and more businesses are now in need of employee criminal background check as pre-employment screening and/or continued screening. Many contractual requirements or the provisions of the employment also require such ongoing screening. One such prime example is the screening under “Controlled Goods Program”. Financial sector, vulnerable sector, trucking and many other jobs now require employee criminal background check as pre-screening and ongoing screening to maintain contractual requirements as well as the reputation of the organisation.

Businesses can perform the pre-employment screening in two different ways.

  1. Name Check /Police Check
  2. Certified Criminal Record Check from RCMP, which is based on Fingerprint comparison.

Name Check/Police Check OR Fingerprint Comparison?:

This method has been a preferred method for Canadian businesses for years as it is quick and economical. We at Fingerprints are fully geared to provide this service efficiently and usually the results are available on the same business day or next day by a secure email. Originals follow in few days. The check is based on “Name (s) & date of birth” provided. A search is of the Criminal Record repository maintained by the RCMP is made and results communicated.

In many cases the results are non-conclusive because of the possible matches that may occur. This check will never reveal if the person being checked has a positive criminal record. In such cases the result states that the “criminal record check couldn’t be complete” and that a Fingerprint comparison is necessary.

Please be also aware that if the identity of the person is suspect or has been compromised, the results received may not be accurate. For this reason alone, a fingerprint based “Criminal record check is recommended and is increasingly more widely used.

We at Fingerprints Plus we are fully equipped to handle both situations and have devised business friendly solutions to serve our clients efficiently.

Identification Requirement:

All persons seeking criminal record check service must present 2 pieces of valid identification. Please refer to the detailed list in the link “Valid Identifications” for more information.

Fast & Convenient Service for individuals:

Where employees or future employees are responsible to obtain their own Police Clearance Certificate, we offer our in house solution. You will need to complete the Consent form for completing the completing the criminal record check and produce 2 valid identifications. We are open 7 days a week and on week days open late hours as well. This saves you time of work and you may come to our office on convenient time.

This form may be completed in 2 ways:

  1. ON-LINE OPTION (For Faster Processing in our office)

    Use the on-line form to fill in your relevant information and we will be ready with a pre-completed form, when you arrive. You will give us 2 pieces of acceptable ID’s, Sign the form in front of us, make the payment and you are done. When you arrive, please mention that you have pre-completed consent form on line and we will do our best to serve you and complete your related task within 5-10 minutes.


    You visit our office with 2 pieces of acceptable identification and we will help complete your consent form on site. We serve you on first come first serve basis. The average time for this process & service in our office is about 30 minutes.

Solutions for Business: Fast, Convenient and Efficient Service:

This option is often used by companies that require the more frequent use of screening. Fingerprints Plus after due diligence and necessary arrangements is able to approve hiring manager to witness the consent form. If your company wishes to obtain this service, we will be willing to offer very cost effective solutions to perform employee criminal background checks.. The major benefits of obtaining this service include:

  1. Your employees don’t have to leave the office or work place during working hours to vivit a police station
  2. You and/or your employee receives the results by email and originals by mail (if ordered)
  3. Employee criminal background check are sent via email are provided password protected
  4. Should there be a need to obtain Fingerprints comparison based check , a discount is provided.
  5. Monthly billing

How does the arrangement works?

If the company already has a working relationship with Fingerprints Plus or are willing to develop one, you will be asked by the company to fill and sign the form which has been made available to them and they will take photocopies of two acceptable Identifications as well. Once the consent form has been completed and witnessed by the authorised person, they will forward the request to us and we will process it with utmost care and efficiency. 

The results are forwarded to the designated party on the consent form. If you don’t wish to share the results directly with your company, you are entitled to make that decision.

We are able to process employee criminal background check requests that are received by fax or scanned documents received through uploading to our secure site. Please note that the fax must come from the company fax. The quality of the documents submitted must be clear for processing. We will process the background check after reviewing the documentation, Identification and receiving the payment. We will send you the report by secure email.

Should the name check method doesn’t produce conclusive results, the employee is then requested to visit our office for fingerprinting or we may arrange mobile unit to visit the location depending on the volume and other considerations. Fingerprints are taken digitally and submitted to RCMP electronically. RCMP forwards the results directly to the designated response address.