We provide Guaranteed quality FBI Fingerprints to obtain FBI Background Check:

An FBI Background Check/FBI clearance certificate or an FBI Identity history check as it is also known to some is necessary to prove that an individual didn’t receive any convictions while living in the USA. For people who have lived in the USA, an FBI criminal history check is required to be granted immigration into Canada. FBI clearance may also be required for certain jobs, occupational licenses and admissions to certain programs in Canadian and USA colleges/universities. We provide guaranteed quality FBI fingerprints on the FD-258 form to perform FBI background check.

None of our fingerprinting customers has received “submit again” notices from FBI. The reason is simple, experience, knowledge and strict quality standards of Fingerprints Plus. Many persons who have done their fingerprinting elsewhere and were rejected by coming to us after reading our successful history of providing high-quality fingerprinting services. Fingerprints Plus can perform right quality fingerprinting service which will enable our clients to obtain FBI clearance certificate while residing in Canada.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation keeps track of all US criminal convictions and charges with its large network of local and state law enforcement officials. Applicants going for a history check are obliged to go directly to the FBI and obtain an FBI clearance certificate. In order to do this, it is necessary that you submit an application form, the necessary fee and a set of fingerprints from an accredited Fingerprinting Agency in Canada or the Police. Fingerprints plus is one of the most reliable places to obtain FBI fingerprints for the purpose of obtaining FBI Criminal background check.

Fingerprints Plus offers a hassle free and complete solution:

Fingerprints Plus is an RCMP accredited fingerprinting agency in Canada and is authorized to provide Fingerprinting services for FBI clearance as well as for all the states in the USA. In addition to providing Fingerprinting Services and for those who need it, we will provide:

  1. Guaranteed quality FD-258 fingerprints form duly completed in all respects.
  2. On-site availability of the necessary application form that must be submitted with the Fingerprints where requested
  3. On-site availability of the fee payment form for the FBI (Current FBI fee is US$ 18.00) when requested
  4. An envelope for FBI submission
  5. Mailing or courier assistance if required

All we ask of our customers is to come with two valid forms of Identification and a payment method. We will do the rest. We guarantee our work and we are so confident in our service that we will refund the full amount if the fingerprints performed by us that are rejected for quality reasons. We will then perform a new set of fingerprints and be responsible for postage and FBI Fee. We will help you obtain the FBI background check you require. 


Why use Fingerprints Plus to perform your FBI fingerprinting?

One of the main problems when it comes to FBI fingerprinting is that they commonly reject prints. This is quite a frustrating scenario, primarily because it takes long to submit and get cleared in the first place, and then to face FBI background Check rejected due to poor fingerprinting is very frustrating. Therefore it is beneficial to you to enlist the help of a company that employs the best forensic professionals to help you to get the FBI fingerprinting done.

We, at Fingerprints Plus, comply with the standards set by the FBI in order to provide convenience and peace of mind to our clients. We use the latest scanners and then print on the FD-258 using an FBI certified printer in order to provide the best services to our clients. This ensures that the FBI fingerprints submitted are meeting their required standards.

Fingerprints that we have taken for FBI clearance have never been rejected. As a matter of verifiable fact, we are known for having performed acceptable fingerprints where others have failed. We are happy to provide verifiable references to this effect.

Why use Digital Process used by Fingerprints Plus instead of Ink-roll?

What makes digitally live scanned Fingerprints better than ink? Fingerprints taken by the live scans are clearer in contrast to the classic ink and roll method. Any errors or sub-standard fingerprints are noticed during scanning and can be retaken before submission. Further, we have also developed techniques to enhance the quality of the fingerprints on your fingers before scanning. At Fingerprints Plus, we are prepared to go the extra mile and make sure that you get your clearance certificate on time without facing rejections.

Where necessary we will provide ink and roll fingerprints as well.

Fingerprints Plus has been around for more than a decade providing fingerprints that meet the standards of RCMP as well as FBI. With our quality service and experience in fingerprinting, we have helped to deliver police clearance certificates not only in Canada but also for those in other parts of the world.

Whether planning to move to Canada for school or for employment we will enable you to gain FBI clearance. We have proudly served the resident of Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Bolton, Woodbridge and other surrounding areas for more than a decade. Our central location and easy access from highways with our extended hours on weekdays and weekend, make us an ideal fingerprinting facility for all your needs.