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Fingerprints Plus – The Fingerprinting Service

Fingerprints Plus offers a 7day RCMP accredited electronic fingerprinting services agency serving  Mississauga, Brampton, Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and Overseas. . We are a leading RCMP accredited fingerprinting services agency and are centrally located near Person International Airport. Fingerprints Plus follows direction and guidance rules that are expected from a RCMP accredited fingerprint services agency and provides assistance in obtaining RCMP Certified Criminal Check from Canada. The digital fingerprinting services we provide are for Canadian citizenship, Canadian immigration, US Entry waiver, pardon, employment and the vulnerable sector among others. Electronic finger prints are submitted to RCMP.

Fingerprints Plus serves local, remote Canadian and International Clients

Our serve local, remote domestic and international clients, as we enable them to obtain Certified Canadian Criminal Check reports from RCMP. We support remote domestic and International clients by submitting their ink-roll fingerprints digitally through card scan process. This reduces the processing time to obtain the Certified Criminal Check report from 9 weeks to 72 hours. We have developed an efficient and secure web based solution for the persons seeking our service to submit their fingerprints.

Fingerprints Plus is uniquely skilled and experienced

Fingerprints Plus has over 10 years’ experience and we understand what is important to our clients. This is why we pride ourselves on being convenient, fast, affordable and reliable. We have excelled in performing hard to read fingerprints and guarantee our service. Digital fingerprints are also known as electronic fingerprints. Many customers who couldn’t get their fingerprints taken elsewhere have come us and we have been able to help them.

Why are fingerprints so vital for screening?

Your fingerprint is unique and that is what makes it so important to the RCMP. People can change their names, addresses or even their date of birth but one thing that a person can never change is their fingerprint. Anyone who has a criminal record will have their fingerprints stored by the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Service (CCRTIS). It is this database that is searched when a Certified Criminal Records Check is performed.

Convenience is another name of Fingerprints Plus

Fingerprints Plus provides ink and roll as well as digital fingerprinting services. Our job is to capture and submit fingerprints for the Certified Criminal Checks from RCMP. Our international fingerprinting service is guaranteed and we follow professional business practices. We cater to individual and business requirements and aim to ensure that obtaining Certified Criminal Checks reports from the RCMP is an easy process for all our clients.

With our many years of experience Fingerprints Plus has developed a process that is as unique as the fingerprint itself. We are considered the finest in our field and we offer a level of convenience that is un-matched. Our location is perfect for offering a fingerprinting service to Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Woodbridge and the surrounding areas. We are open 7 days a week and we also provide an evening fingerprinting service. To us, this convenience is paramount; we do not want our customers to have to take time off work or to rearrange their day. At Fingerprints Plus we want to be there when our customers’ needs us.

Fingerprints Plus is ideally located on Airport Road and parking is free. We are minutes away from many major highways, such as 401, 427, 410, 403; QEW and 407 are minutes away from our location. We are well served by public transit such as Mississauga Transit, Brampton Transit, and TTC. For more information on how to reach us please click on Directions & Hours at the bottom of the page

Electronic Fingerprinting

Fingerprints Plus promotes the use of Digital Fingerprinting. It is the fastest and most convenient way to perform criminal record checks. Contrary the public perception, Digital Fingerprinting is cheap, reliable and efficient. In most cases, a processing fee of just $25.00 is required for the RCMP. If checks are needed for Immigration, citizenship and requests under the privacy act then the fee is waived by RCMP

When an electronic fingerprint submission is made to RCMP it eliminates the need for a banking service charge and the cost of registered mail or a courier. Fingerprints Plus collects the $25 and sends the fingerprints electronically to the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Service (CCRTIS). The cutting edge technology that we use enables to the system to check the quality of the prints as we take them. This means that every fingerprint submitted is perfect and will be accepted. The electronic submission is then processed within 72 hours versus ink roll, which could take up to 9 weeks.

Paper Based Fingerprinting (Ink roll or live scan digital)

Paper based fingerprinting is the manual process of collecting and submitting the prints on paper/card. These fingerprints can be obtained through ink and roll or ink less pad (live scan digital). The impressions are then converted to digital images and compared with the RCMP database. This process takes approximately 3 months.

Although the digital process is clearly quicker and easier, the ink-roll prints are still required for background checks from foreign countries as well as some domestic uses. Fingerprints Plus is fully equipped and RCMP accredited to provide both the digital and the ink-roll service in Canada.

The Advantages of Choosing Digital fingerprinting service:
  • Electronic Fingerprints are processed within 72 hours of submission by RCMP; the Ink roll could take up to 9 weeks
  • The quality of Electronic Fingerprints is verified as we take them. Any fingerprints that can’t be taken, the reason is explained to RCMP and usually accepted. Whereas in ink-roll, there is always a possibility of rejection by RCMP or other police services caused by poor fingerprinting.
  • Electronic Fingerprints are submitted over the secure internet services whereas the ink-roll has to be sent by mail, or courier requiring time and money.
  • RCMP processing fee for the Certified Criminal Record Check is collected by us and submitted to RCMP whereas for ink-roll submission you may have make a draft or money order requiring more time and money.

At Fingerprints Plus we believe that electronic fingerprints are the way forward. We would encourage all customers to make the digital choice. However if the receiving party or the customer insists on an ink roll fingerprint service then we are fully qualified to do so.

Fingerprints Plus provides Fingerprinting Services for following Uses:
  1. Immigration to Canada
  2. Canadian Citizenship
  3. Pre-Employment and Employment Screening by Private Industry
  4. Employment Screening for different all levels of Government
  5. Adoptions Screening
  6. Visa Requirement for other countries
  7. US Visa Waiver Applications
  8. Canadian Record Suspension (Pardons) Application
  9. Volunteer Employment
  10. Vulnerable Sector Employment where required by the local Police
  11. Business License where mandated by the government agency
  12. Fingerprinting submission to RCMP for Public Works and Government Services, Canada
  13. Fingerprinting for Government Contracts and Licenses
  14. Fingerprints to obtain Police Clearance from other countries such as USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Mexico, Somalia and others
  15. Name Change Applications
  16. Other civilian uses
Identification Needed for Fingerprinting Services

All persons, seeking Fingerprint Services must present two of the following government issued identifications. Fingerprints Plus will not process fingerprints if the Identification presented has expired. The Identification must be original; photocopies or photographs are not accepted. Where a document has been surrendered to government such as passport to the ministry of immigration, a certified copy is allowed. Please note OHIP card issued by the Ontario Ministry of Health isn’t an acceptable identification.

Accepted Identifications:

Two valid government issued identifications need to be presented at he time of the fingerprinting. Minimum of one must be a photo identification. Please refer to the detailed list in the link “Valid Identifications” for more information.