Police Certificate from UAE and other Countries

In order to be approved for Canadian Immigration, a Police certificate (Police Clearance) is necessary from all countries where a person has lived for 6 months are more within the last 10 years e.g. Police Certificate from UAE or other countries or Certificate of Good Conduct from UAE as it may be called. Certificate of Good Conduct or popularly known as Police Certificate are necessary to prove that an individual has no past convictions. Fingerprints Plus has special arrangements to process these requests and we can get Fingerprints authentication from Ministry of foreign affairs, document legalization from foreign embassies within a matter of few days. We also have arrangements to expedite the Police certificate from places such as Dubai. Police certificates are necessary for obtaining certain employment, as part of many licencing requirements, Immigration to Canada and many other requirements such as government contracts etc.. Obtaining this certificate from foreign countries can become very cumbersome, expensive as well as time consuming. Very often, errors occur which result in delay can happen. Fingerprints Plus provides an error free and well established to process these requests.

In many of the countries a set of fingerprints will need to be submitted which are taken by the Canadian Police or an RCMP accredited Agency. Fingerprints Plus can do this for you. Fingerprints Plus has provided reliable fingerprinting services for different law enforcement agencies across the globe including the US, Hong Kong, UAE and Singapore to name but a few. Aside from meeting the fingerprint requirements from RCMP, we have made it possible to cater to our clients’ needs to obtain Police Certificates from countries all over the world. With over a decade long documented history of providing high quality fingerprinting Service, Fingerprints Plus is an ideal place to perform your fingerprints so that you can obtain a police clearance certificate from countries such as UAE, Philippines, Mexico, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, St Vincent and Israel among others.

Each country has different requirements to obtain a police certificate. For example to obtain police certificate from UAE, ir is required that the fingerprints be authenticated by the department of foreign affairs in Canada before submission and also be legalized by the UAE Embassy in Ottawa. To obtain Police Certificate from UAE, the fingerprints, an application, other documentation, photo and the fee can be submitted to the applicable Police department in UAE. Fingerprints Plus has organised the “Police Certificate from UAE” process to be completed within a matter of days. It is recommended that clients contact their respective embassies, consulate or high commissions to ensure they have the correct information and processing procedures.

The Ministry of Immigration for the Government of Canada has an online resource where they have compiled the data relevant to the different foreign countries requirements. It is titled; “How to obtain your police Certificate (Police Check).” It is a good source of information and perhaps the first place you should begin if you require detailed information. We advise that you check with the respective country’s representatives also to ensure that the information is up to date. Please follow this link for more information.


Here at Fingerprints Plus, we pride ourselves on being well informed and up to date in order to assist our clients. We have a lot of experience in the process of obtaining police record checks and know the system well. Due to the distance and time that it can take to obtain your foreign police check certificate, it is imperative that you enlist the services of a fingerprinting agency that is experienced and can provide you with exceptional quality of service. We will also help you to avoid your fingerprints being rejected during the process. Fingerprints Plus uses the latest technology and is an ideal place to perform your fingerprints.

We are open 7 days a week and provide evening service as well to help our customers to perform their fingerprints at convenient times. Our location is ideal, there is not much traffic in the area and the parking is free. We are ideally located on Airport Road and Drew Road intersection. We are just north of Derry Rd and South of Steels Ave. Ideally served by major highways such as 407, 421, 401 and 410 as well as TTC, Brampton and Mississauga Transit.

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