Individual Applicants:

Name Check/Police Check: $61.95 plus HST

Includes a report copy via email within 24 hours or one business  day.

Certified Criminal Record Check from RCMP (Digital Fingerprints) $57.52 plus HST plus RCMP fee $25.00

Should name check fails to deliver a result, a fingerprint result becomes necessary. We will perform this check with following terms. 

It includes:

Electronic submission of your fingerprints to RCMP.

Where necessary, we will forward a Fingerprints processing confirmation

A certified criminal record check from RCMP by regular mail delivered through Canada Post

A discounted price of $57.52 plus HST will apply and it includes RCMP processing fee of $25.00. This price is applicable when we have previously done a name check. 

Paper-based Fingerprints on Form C-216C

Ink-less Pad and Roll (taken digitally and printed on papers: $61.95 plus HST


A set of guaranteed quality fingerprints

Printing on RCMP/FBI approved printer