Fingerprinting Service
Digital Fingerprints submitted electronically to RCMP:

$57.52 plus HST where RCMP fee doesn’t apply (Immigration to Canada, Canadian Citizenship, Volunteer Employment) 

$ 25.00 RCMP fee applies to all electronic submissions except above.  

The fee includes:

Electronic submission of your fingerprints to RCMP.

A submission confirmation that your fingerprints were submitted with DCN number on it.

A certified criminal record check from RCMP by regular mail (Other options such as courier or expedited service are NOT provided by RCMP)

Security Screening for Federal Government Contractor positions (DCN): $61.95 plus HST

Required for contract as well as regular employment by the federal government. You need to supply us with the applicable ORI number.  

Paper-based Fingerprints on Form C-216C

Ink less Pad and Roll (taken digitally and printed on papers: $61.95 plus HST

Additional copies $17.70 plus HST each

Additional set (new fingerprints) $22.12 plus HST   (Means new fingerprinting on the second card)

*Liquid ink and roll on RCMP C-216C or FBI-258 form, or on any other form including foreign forms

Liquid Ink fingerprinting is a tedious and time-consuming process because chances of bad quality are very high. Some level of training is required to ease the anxiety of the person being fingerprinted. Very often these fingerprints need to be sent overseas and any bad quality fingerprint could add considerable time and cost.

Our liquid ink fingerprinting is performed by highly experienced personnel to ensure that only good quality fingerprint is are being handed over to you.

Black liquid ink and roll (taken manually) $66.37 plus HST

Second and additional Copies $39.15 plus HST each

Please be advised Fingerprints Plus no longer provides liquid ink roll fingerprints for submission to RCMP. We will only perform this service if a letter from a third / receiving party is presented requiring liquid ink fingerprints. RCMP doesn’t accept paper-based fingerprints anymore.

Fingerprints taken digitally and printed using RCMP approved printers are also approved as INK –ROLL fingerprints. The quality of fingerprints taken by this method is known at their time we take fingerprints and hence there are no unknown rejections and hence there is virtually no chance of rejections that were never anticipated.