Name Check

Name Check Pricing

Fingerprints Plus offers unique and cost-effective prices for your “Criminal Record Check/Police Records Check”. Our price structure ensures that our customers aren’t exposed to charges 2 times.

As you may well be aware that a search solely based upon “Name and Date of birth”:…may result in a match with someone else and you may be required to undergo a criminal record check based on “Fingerprints”. Thus causing you to pay a Name Check as well as Fingerprint-based check. This is happening 100′s of you on daily basis. This is where we come in with a solution that saves you time as well as exuberant additional costs should there be a match.

Where Fingerprints Plus has performed the "Name and Date of birth based check" and the process failed to produce a result for the client, we will provide discounted price of the Fingerprint based "RCMP certified criminal record check" if it is performed by us.

Our charges for both services are as follows:

Name Check/Police Check: $61.95 plus HST

RCMP Criminal Record Check for employment $57.52 plus HST. (This price only applies if we had performed the Name check and it failed to produce any results)