Record Suspension

Fingerprints Plus are pleased to offer one of the most cost effective, convenient and high quality service for your Record Suspension (Pardon) application preparations. We provide clear and written contract that details all obligations of both parties upfront before any deposit is taken. We have designed our services to save you time, provide maximum convenience and savings in several ways…

  1. All procedures have been made simple, we complete all forms and provide you with a completed package…ready to submit!
  2. We have in house fingerprinting services, that enables you to deal with one source…no running around and mailing. You deal with real and welcoming running around.
  3. We offer flexible and extended hours (7 days a week). It means that you don’t have to take time off work in order to meet with us. Convenience at its best and in some cases savings as well due to no loss of income from work
  4. For those who can efficiently work from internet, you may do whole lot from your home/office as well…we provide you with an opportunity to provide information though a secure environment. Saves you from coming to our office and you may finish the information request at your own pace
  5. Your application processing time is reduced significantly because the work on your application begins as soon as the fingerprinting is completed and submitted electronically to RCMP.

Our Fees are as follows:
  1. Record Suspension application preparation Fee $550 plus HST

    Includes court information document fee for one case

    Where there are 2 or more cases, extra fee will apply for court documents. Usually about $25.00 per case.

    Local Police Record Fee is included

  2. Fingerprinting for RCMP Criminal Record Check $82.52 plus HST

Our fees don’t include:
  1. Any courier costs for out of town applicants is extra
  2. The Record Suspension application processing fee of $657.77 payable to Receiver General of Canada. This fee is payable at the time of the filing of the application.

Fingerprints Plus is pleased to offer the following discount:

If USA Entry Waiver is applied at the same time, the total processing fee for both application shall be $900…another $200 saving on already one of the lowest prices in the industry.