Fingerprints Plus offers the finest Record Suspension Application Service

Here are the reasons as to why you should consider Fingerprints Plus to provide you with the task of preparing and filing your Record Suspension Application Service. We would want to earn this privilege to get your criminal record suspended and what was previously known as pardon application prepared and submitted by us to the Parole Board of Canada for the following reasons:

  1. The most affordable prices in the industry.
  2. Service fee return guarantee if we fail to get your record suspended for reasons that are attributed to us.
  3. You deal with real and experienced people and not 1-800–numbers that change every other day.
  4. We do the entire work and processing of obtaining all your necessary reports.
  5. No hidden fees, “no if’s and but” , Clear and upfront service contracts that clearly state what is promised and delivered.
  6. In-house RCMP accredited fingerprinting service available.
“Fingerprint PLus is a 5 star rated company that has excelled in customer satisfaction..” 1000′s of satisfied customers…”

We take pride in getting people a second chance to live a normal life, to be able to qualify for a new career they always wanted but can’t due to their criminal past history. We feel that it serves everyone’s interest that people who had the misfortune to get entangled in a criminal history due to certain events, circumstances in their life and are now rehabilitated, should live and prosper like rest of us and have access to equal opportunity and respect. At Fingerprints Plus you are treated as a human being who deserves an opportunity to leave be able leave your past behind and be able to move forward with confidence and integrity. in place. Fingerprints Plus wishes to provide you with low cost Record Suspension Application Service on the basis of our performance and service guarantees.

Record Suspension protects you from unauthorized access to your criminal past:

After record suspension has been granted, only you can share or authorize access to your criminal past. Only in rare and extreme cases can the Attorney General of Canada authorize access to the database. Any convictions you may have are removed from the RCMP database of active criminal records and thus they become inaccessible for regular criminal background searches. This enables you to start a new life because you are able to apply for many jobs or start a business where by-laws require a criminal record check. You will also be able to obtain many new occupational qualifications and licenses.

Fingerprints Plus provides the most convenient service to process your Pardon application

Fingerprints Plus is easily approachable and reliable.We provide user friendly solutions to process your Record Suspension (Pardon) application. With in-house capability to perform fingerprinting needs and obtain your certified criminal record check from RCMP, we are a one stop solution to your needs. For those who require us to obtain police and court documents, we have Notary Public available at our location for you to sign authorizations for us to do this. We have also modernized our processing procedures to ensure that much of the work can be completed on line and the need to visit our offices is eliminated.

For those who prefer the personal touch our location offers ideal access and our working hours make it convenient for you to visit us without taking time off work. We are open 7 days a week and also in the evenings.We are located on Airport Road, near the Pearson International Airport.We are most suited and central to clients from Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Milton and all other areas surrounding the GTA and are easily accessible by TTC, Brampton Transit and Mississauga Transit. Major highways such as 407, 427, 401, 403, and 409 are minutes away.

Fingerprints Plus reduces your cost to obtain the Canadian Pardon.

At Fingerprints Plus we make sincere and constant efforts to reduce your processing costs. We do this by following a cost effective process.

We do this by pursuing the following steps;

  1. Perform your digital fingerprints and submit electronically to RCMP, this reduces your wait time.
  2. At the same time, you can also either take the completed forms to get the Local Police report yourself or authorize us to get it on your behalf. This saves you time and added costs.
  3. Once we have these we will assess what else is required based on your individual case.We will do a phone or in-office discussion to give you an update and clear indication of any additional costs that may be involved.
  4. At this stage you may decide to do it yourself or choose to let us complete it on your behalf. You haven’t lost anything at this stage and whoever does your pardon application will require all these documents anyway.
  5. We guarantee that our charges will be the lowest and our service is second to none…all fess are discussed upfront and depending on how much you are willing to do yourself you have the ability to reduce your costs significantly.
  6. For our clients that are out of town we can still assist using telephone or Skype meetings as may be required. Other than few courier or registered mail costs, there is practically no difference if you are local customer or someone from a remote place in Canada.

  7. Please note that all Pardon Application cases are accepted after thorough review through appointments only, whether in-house or over the phone or Skype. We don’t quote over the phone as we believe it is up to you to decide the final cost and to manage your application so that it stays at a level that you can afford. If you are interested in keeping it at the lowest level, we will show you how this can be accomplished.

    What documentation is required for a Canadian Pardon 
    • Copy of your criminal record obtained through the Royal Canadian Mountain Police’s Criminal Records
    • Record checks from the local police where you have lived in the last 5 years.
    • Proof of conviction (if the conviction does not appear on your criminal record)
    • Court records and proof of payment of all the fines ordered by the court
    • Certified military conduct sheet if applicable.
    • Your immigration document if you were not born in Canada.
    • Any references that you may supply

    If you need any assistance in obtaining this information or you need to know how, then we at Fingerprints Plus are here to help. You can call, email or visit us with any queries. Our convenient location and opening hours make contacting us easy.

    The record Suspension (Pardon) process

    As soon as Fingerprints Plus has all the appropriate documentation we will use our expertise to professionally submit your application to the Parole Board of Canada.

    The Parole Board of Canada will then decide whether to grant or deny your pardon application. Fingerprints Plus will take care of all the communications with the National Parole Board as well as the other agencies. As your advocate in this process, we aim to make it stress free and convenient for you.

    The process of obtaining Record Suspension Application service completed takes between 6 and 18 months before your certificate is issued by the Parole Board of Canada. Each case is dealt with individually and we will do our best to make the process quick and simple. If you are thinking of applying for a record suspension then the quicker you start the process the quicker you will be granted your pardon. You can start today by downloading and filling out the appropriate forms or you could make an appointment to speak to one of our experienced and highly trained professionals for expert advice on getting started.

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