USA Entry Waiver Application Service for Canadians

If you have a criminal record you will not be allowed to enter the US without a US waiver. At Fingerprints Plus we help Canadians to obtain US Waiver so that their life is no longer limited. A US waiver is essentially an official permission to enter the US granted from American Homeland Security. Anyone with a criminal record, who tries to enter the US without one, can find themselves refused entry, detained or their property seized. Fingerprints Plus USA Entry Waiver Application Service which has been successful in obtaining long term US Entry waivers tor its clients and till date not a single application prepared and applied by us has been denied.

Why should you consider Fingerprints Plus to provide US Entry Waiver Service:
  1. The most affordable prices in the industry
  2. Service fee return guarantee if we fail to get your US Entry Waiver for reasons that are attributed to us.
  3. You deal with real and experienced people and not 1-800–numbers that change every other day.
  4. We do the entire work and processing of obtaining all your necessary reports.
  5. No hidden fees, “no if’s and but” , Clear and upfront service contracts that clearly state what is promised and delivered.
  6. In-house RCMP accredited fingerprinting service available.
Why the controls at the USA border are more stringent now than before?

Since 9/11, security measures in America have tightened. Homeland Security now has access to the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC), the database in which criminal offences can be seen. Anyone on the database is at risk of being refused entry to America without a US waiver. When you enter United States, US Border Guards perform a search before allowing entry. Once you have been identified as someone who has a criminal history, the information is then retained by US authorities forever.

If you have previously been caught by border control but want to travel to America again it is strongly recommended that you obtain a US waiver. The more times you are stopped the harsher the penalties are. Canadians have experienced the cars or busses they are traveling in impounded and a void stamp on their passport and the confiscation of their tickets.

If you are not sure whether or not you are on the CPIC database then please feel free to contact us at Fingerprints Plus. We are accredited by the RCMP and can perform a criminal record check on your behalf. This way you know what steps you need to take to enter the US legally

What is unique about Fingerprints Plus?

Fingerprints Plus will make the process easy for you by guiding you every step of the way. Our policy is to ensure that our service offers excellent convenience and affordability.

We are based at an extremely accessible location to those in the Greater Toronto area; on Airport Road in Mississauga. If you are traveling to us by car we are close to QEW, 407, 401, 403, 427 and we offer free parking. We are also in a perfect location to be reached by public transport. Our opening hours are set with our customer in mind; 7 days a week early till late. We are always here for you. We have Notary Services available on site to facilitate document copies as required.

However, clients from all over Canada want to access our services and we can make the process easy wherever you live. All of the forms you need are available online and we have professionals standing by waiting to help you. The fingerprinting element can be performed by a recommended fingerprinting agency at a convenient location and time for you. Fingerprints Plus will arrange if required through our network for you do the fingerprints and notarize any documents that may be required in order to process your application.

We aim to keep our costs to a minimum. We are able to do this by helping you to help yourself. We ask that you collect the documentation required such as local police records and court documents. We will help you to make sure that you have everything and we will give it our professional seal of approval; improving your chances of having your US waiver granted.

It is a requirement that to obtain the US waiver you must submit fingerprints to the FBI and the RCMP, as a fingerprinting service we are experts in this field and offer this service in house. The RCMP Criminal Record Check is performed by us while the FBI related Fingerprints are performed by the US authorities on the location where the application is submitted.

Many of our US waiver clients also seek our assistance in obtaining a Canadian pardon. A pardon enables your criminal record to be sealed. Although this is not enough to enter the US it does help an application for a US waiver as it is evidence that you are now a law abiding citizen. For more information on our fingerprinting and Canadian pardon services click here?

The USA Entry Waiver Application Process

Your waiver application will be submitted to the US Department of Homeland Security. It is the decision of the American government if the US waiver is granted. Once it is, you will then have permission to travel to the USA.

The time frame of the process can vary. The total time including obtaining all documentation and submitting could take up to two years. It is recommended that you start the process as soon as possible and allow for this time if you are planning a trip to the US.

Fingerprints Plus will guarantee fewer hassles and a more stress free experience. Let us help you to gain your US waiver as soon as possible. You can start the process today by making an appointment and visiting us or clicking here and registering on line.

Documents required for completing your application:

The following is a brief list of general documents that are required to process your application for US Visa Waiver. Other documents may be required depending on your individual case. For example if you have over stayed or entered illegally the USA before, then the additional documents required will need to prove your strong ties to Canada. This may include a job, business, property, Canadian citizenship/landed Immigrant status and family ties.

The general document list is as follows:

  1. Certified Criminal Record Check from RCMP (Fingerprints Plus or someone from our network will arrange for this. A $25.00 RCMP fee will apply)
  2. Fingerprinting (Fingerprints Plus or one of our associated will perform Digital Fingerprinting and arrange to process within 72 hours or less)
  3. Court Information (Fingerprints Plus or you will take steps to obtain information as they apply to your offense/offences. Court Fees will apply along with any other disbursement for expediting if required)
  4. Proof of Citizenship (A notarized copy of your passport or citizenship and/or birth certificate)
  5. Reference Letters (2 or more character references are helpful and strongly recommended). We will discuss the suitability of the contacts and arrange for the reference letters.
  6. You’re Statement. This is an essential and very important document that needs to state your rehabilitation and prove to the authorities as why you should be allowed to enter the USA and as to why you are no longer a threat. We will work closely with you to ensure that your statement is an accurate expression of your commitment to follow the law and act as a law abiding person.
  7. Special letters & Documents: As stated earlier, these letters are relating to your rehabilitation and to deal with any issues that are preventing your entry to the US. Obtaining USA Visa Waiver for Sexual offenses history, Drugs Trafficking and other serious security convictions is very difficult but possible if total and irrefutable claim of rehabilitation exists. Fingerprints Plus will be able to assist legitimate applicants that meet these requirements
  8. Employment Information: A letter from your current employer and business information with income tax statement are also helpful.
  9. USA Visa Waiver Application Fee: At the time of submission of the completed application the applicable processing fee needs to be submitted as well. At the time the fee is $585 USD