Canadian Criminal Record Check /Name Check

Canadian Criminal Record Check /Name Check At Fingerprints Plus we are fully equipped to perform fast, convenient and reliable Criminal Record Check/Name Check Toronto, Mississauga & Brampton as well as surrounding areas. This is the process used to obtain Police Clearance certificates using just a name and date of birth. We are often able to provide these results on the same day or within 24 hours. This is one of the most efficient methods of identifying if someone has a clean criminal record.

The results you receive will either state that the person hasn't got a record, or that the check could not be completed (This usually happens if there is someone with an identical name and/or identical date of birth and has a criminal history. If the latter happens, it is recommended that the client uses the fingerprinting service available which is readily available at Fingerprints Plus to complete the criminal background check. For clients that have used our service, for criminal records check (Name Check/Police Check), we will provide a discounted fee for fingerprinting service if it is so required.

Fingerprints Plus serves clients in the Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and Ontario and all over Canada. We operate from a secure communication line and once we receive your request, we coordinate with Police Services on the same day or within 24 hours (Not including weekend & Holidays). This check is also known as CPIC, police clearance, police criminal record check, police reference check, police background check, background check, police clearance certificate, name check, back check and police records check. People require criminal background checks for employment, volunteering, school programs, by-law licenses, warehouse, taxi -license, truck license and many other civil screening services.

Identification Requirement:

All persons seeking criminal record check service must present 2 pieces of valid identification. Please refer to the detailed list in the link “Valid Identifications” for more information.

How Can Fingerprints plus Help to Obtain a Background Check?

Fingerprints Plus provides two convenient options to obtain a Canadian Criminal Background Check. Our services are designed to ensure that the integrity of the checks is maintained as per the regulatory requirements. We aim to ensure that our clients are able to complete the process in the most convenient way.

These options are: Employees/Individuals seeking Police Clearance Certificate

You will need to complete the Consent form for completing the completing the criminal record check. This form may be completed in 2 ways:

ON-LINE OPTION (For Faster Processing in our office)

Use the on-line form to fill in your relevant information and we will be ready with a pre-completed form, when you arrive. You will give us 2 pieces of acceptable ID’s, Sign the form in front of us, make the payment and you are done. When you arrive, please mention that you have pre-completed consent form on line and we will do our best to serve you and complete your related task within 5-10 minutes.


You visit our office with 2 pieces of acceptable identification and we will help complete your consent form on site. We serve you on first come first serve basis. The average time for this process & service in our office is about 30 minutes.

What if Name Check/Police Check doesn’t produce a result?

It is possible that a “Name and date of birth” based search of the National Criminal record Repository”, will not produce conclusive results due to a possible match. This doesn’t mean that the person who sought the search results has a criminal record. However, to ensure that the person who received the match is not the same person, fingerprint comparison needs to take place. Fingerprints Plus provides this service and submits digital fingerprints electronically to RCMP.

Should such a situation is created, Fingerprints Plus will be pleased to apply a discount for our Name Check client who had used our service.

Fingerprints Plus is open all 7 days of the week except holidays. We are located on Airport Road and provide free parking.. We are within minutes driving distance from many major highways, such as 401, 427, 410, 403, QEW and 407. Buses from three main cities, Mississauga Transit, Brampton Transit, and TTC can bring to within walking distance of our offices. For additional information on how to reach us and our convenient opening hours, please click relevant links in the side column for further details.